Log Hog

The LOG HOG - Log Skidding & Handling Tool

  • large 24" capacity skidding tongs
  • heavy duty construction - 1500 lb. duty rating
  • big & wide 18" x 8" wheels on a heavy duty 5 lug bolt hub
  • removable 6' long handle with soft & comfortable hand grips gives you great leverage
  • side hand grips make it easy to drop into position when needed
  • adjustable log stabilizer
  • high visibility red - you won't leave it behind.

With the LOG HOG on the job you win big in 3 ways.

  1. 1)The timber you are now cutting into small managable pieces to facilitate its removal from yards & confined locations can now be removed in sellable lumber length sizes.
  2. 2)You save labor and wear & tear on equipment by not having to cut and haul out small pieces.
  3. 3)Wood you sell you don't have to pay disposal fees on. This is a capital investment you can't afford to pass up. So give us a call today TOLL FREE at 1-888-999-1778